Telltale signs of Cheating Spouse

Police catch criminals.
We catch sinners – betrayers of trust.

Check List
⇒ Your spouse is extra secretive.
⇒ Take phone calls in private.
⇒ Deletes all messages and text history on mobile phone and emails.
⇒ Lock their mobile phone and begins to use new password.
⇒ Sleeps closely to their mobile phone.
⇒ Have multiple e-mails or social media accounts.
⇒ Always chatting on dating sites.
⇒ Disinterested in things around home and family.
⇒ Loss of interest and reluctant to spend time together.
⇒ Avoids family or other social events.
⇒ No time for children or family.
⇒ Forget anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions.
⇒ An increase in their work and time spent away from home.
⇒ Leaves early or arrives late for family and other events.
⇒ Suddenly spend more time with a colleague or an acquaintance, particularly with an opposite sex.
⇒ Frequently says wants freedom and new life.
⇒ Notice a different scent on or come back home freshly.
⇒ Concerned in their appearances. Pays unusual amount of attention to their appearances.
⇒ Sudden changes in clothing, their routine exercise, and other self-improvements.
⇒ Develop interest in new activities and hobbies.
⇒ Lately becomes over defensive.
⇒ Becomes extremely angry. More willing to pick fights, arguments and conflicts.
⇒ Starts arguments that end up in leaving the house a lot.
⇒ Garments missing very often.
⇒ Less forgiving, understanding and accepting.
⇒ Very critical, hostile or abusive.
⇒ More conflicts over money and finances.
⇒ Attitude changed, become less gentle, polite and concerned.
⇒ Changes in the emotional quality of your spouse’s relationship.
⇒ Doesn’t touch you as much anymore.
⇒ Little or no interest in sex.
⇒ Sex becomes more physical than emotional.
⇒ Refuse to have sex.
⇒ Decides to sleep in separate room.
⇒ Suggest that things are not working well and there are problems.
⇒ Keep saying lost feelings for each other.
⇒ Keep mentioning how they are unhappy and dissatisfied.
⇒ Unwilling to make future commitments and plans.
⇒ Not sharing new information or feelings.

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